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We are temporarily out of stock for our blankets.
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Welcome to Circle Star Blankets

We manufacture 100% wool saddle blanket pads. Our saddle blanket pad is designed with a horse's comfort in mind. Absolutely nothing synthetic! It naturally forms to the horse's back and holds it's shape and position. The natural weave absorbs the moisture and releases it.

Our pads are available in assorted sizes and we can custom cut one based on your specifications. How many blanket companies will do that?

A horse's comfort matters to US! Natural horsemen prefer it! Isn't your horse worth it?? If you're not satisfied with your saddle pad, give us a call.

What people are saying about Circle Star Blankets

Tom - "I love it!" It doesn't slide. I can feel the difference in the horse when riding. Helped heal the "sore-back" caused by other padding. Could pull it off the back of one horse and place it on another. The pad wasn't wet and the horses were not dripping with sweat.

Brian - The first pad that doesn't slide the saddle out from under me.

Maureen - "I love it!" The hair doesn't ball under the pad and there is no odor! The hair on the horses back looks as well groomed as before I put it on.

David - The instant the pad is placed on the horses back it conforms right to it. There is not a 'break-in' period.

Jeff - Not bulky like some padding. Corrects a lot of problems I had with other pads. Saddle seems to fit better.

Scoot - The blanket is great and my mare acts as if she looks forward to saddling up!

100% Wool Blankets

100% Wool Blankets

Gray on Gray Blanket

The very best for your horse

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P.O. Box 892, Buffalo, WY 82834
Telephone: (307) 620-2120

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