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The latest news about our company changes and additions

We are temporarily out of stock for our blankets.
Please check back soon for availability.

Circle Star Blankets - We are expanding!

     Thanks to all the loyal business. Circle Star Blankets has purchased the former manufacturers equipment.  The amazing blanket will still continue to be "USA MADE" and will also proudly display the tag "MADE IN WYOMING".  Made, owned and operated by a horse owner.

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     The wool will still have the highest quality and continue to be raised by the local ranches in Wyoming, Montana and Texas.  Circle Star will continue to define the quality and the control of the quality that is important to the horse and owner.
     Along with being able to add additional colors and patterns, Circle Star has had several requests to produce lighter weight full bed blankets for the home and trailer.  We are looking at adding a finer wool, thicker felt pad.  That could be a year down the road.  I would love to hear your feedback.

     We appreciate all of you, our customers, and have enjoyed visiting with each one of you!

Make sure you send your photos.

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P.O. Box 892, Buffalo, WY 82834
Telephone: (307) 620-2120

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