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Why Wool?
Properties of Wool and, Care and Cleaning of the Blanket

A 100% Wool Blanket that conforms to the horse’s back, absorbing the motion of the saddle, yet holds its place without sore-backing the horse.  A Circle Star Blanket is not only soft and flexible but will withstand all the day to day riding you can give it!

The wool fibers contain curls, or crimps that can flex and stretch up to 30% more than their original length. They bounce back quickly like a miniature spring returning to the original shape. Resisting wrinkles, while retaining it’s original thickness, and appearance for years.

Circle Star Blankets wick away moisture, allowing the horse to maintain a natural thermal-dynamic equilibrium. With a properly fitted saddle,  Circle Star Blankets aid in maintaining an even sweat pattern without feeling wet and without odor!

The wool fibers repel water, and absorb moisture to be released in vapor form. Unlike synthetics, wool ‘breathes.’ Wool can absorb as much as 18% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp and up to 50% of its weight without becoming saturated. Wool fibers can even rid themselves of dirt particles.

Circle Star Blankets allow the air to pass between the saddle and the horse’s back. Encouraging circulation, thus preventing the horse from overheating and aids in cooling without doing it too rapidly,  preventing a chill down. 

The wool’s crimps keep air trapped between fibers, acting as an ultimate insulator.   Wool is as effective as a protection from tropical heat and sun as it is against the gale-driven storms of winter.

Wear  resistance, quality, insulation, and absorption characteristics make a Circle Star Blanket an excellent value!

Care and Cleaning of the Circle Star Blanket

Due to the natural property of wool to absorb moisture through the fibers, it pulls the dirt particles to the surface and these particles can be brushed or shook free.  It was this natural property that wool was the choice of the US Army for it's field uniforms and saddle blankets from the Mexican War through the Korean War.  This is another reason why Circle Star Blankets offer many years of durable use.

We have blankets that have in excess of a hundred rides and have never had to be washed for excessive dirt or odor.  Normally, the blanket is draped over a rack similar to a towel rack and allowed to dry after a ride.  The blanket is shook out before the next ride and freed of any dirt or sweat particles that may be present.  However, that doesn't mean the blanket can't or may never need to be washed depending on the use or environment.

No need to panic about shrinkage.  These  blankets are pre-shrunk at 120 degrees during the finishing process. 

If washing is desired, we recommend hand washing with mild detergent and cold water or, using a center spin washer, gentle cycle, mild detergent, cold water and full spin cycle.   Lay the blanket flat to dry.  By using these methods,we have experienced zero shrinkage in the blanket.

"Your Horse Deserves the Very Best!"

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P.O. Box 892, Buffalo, WY 82834
Telephone: (307) 620-2120

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